Ashish Gets Tensed! Naamkaran 20th September 2016 Full Written Episode Updates


Asha says Ashish will come. Asha gives that Fatimha money. She says she is hungry and she wants food. A child comes and says Tia and Avni are taking part in race. Asha goes there. Avni gets injured. A man sees Avni running. Ali comes to

Ali comes to home. Avni manages to run. Ali asks Avni to see his father picture. Ali cheers her up and she starts running faster. Avni finishes race and Ali takes her up. Asha becomes happy. Fathima comes. Asha asks Fathima not to say like this again. Fathima says Ashish will not come and this is truth. Fathima calls Ashish. She drinks alcohol. Ashish says hello. She introduces herself. Ashish asks everything is fine or not She taunts him that they are fine. She tells that she has done call for Avni. Today Avni slapped me. Ashish gets shocked.

naamkaranNeela comes to Hemant and gives him roti. He laughs seeing it. Neela says how can you laugh and i made it with hardwork. Hemant says its good. Neela says give it back and no need to eat. Hemant eats and says this is so tasty. He says you mixed your love in it and it became tasty. Hemant says Ashish is so lucky to have you as wife. She says no

She says no i am lucky to have Ashish as my husband. Hemant says i know that you like Ashish from childhood. She says no. Hemant says i am your father and i know everything. You always blushed if anyone took his name. He tells her that she is blushing now also on his name. Neela laughs.

Ashish gets shocked to see Fathima like this. She says if Avni’s heart will break then she will not leave him. She says Avni trusts him so much and if her trust breaks then she will come to his house and beat him. She warns him if he doesnot comes to Sports day then he should not show his face to that home again.

She yells at him and he cuts the phone. Avni goes to Asha. Avni shows that she has written i am sorry hundred times. Asha asks if she will again do this. She says no i will not do this but on one condition that she should not say anything wrong about papa. Asha laughs. She starts singing and Avni sleeps.

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