Asteroid UW-158 To Pass Earth Close To Just 1.5 Million Miles on July 19

On July 19, an asteroid will pass earth at a mere distance of 1.5 million miles at around 10:00 p.m, but more onlookers will be interested in something else that isn’t of celestial significance.

According to Slooh Community Observatory, Asteroid 2011 UW-158 will be 30 times closer and it will not be as close to earth in the next three years, although the shape of the asteroid may change.

The named asteroid is that of half a mile in size and has a core that’s made of platinum. The estimated value is £3.5 trillion, and it has been reported that private companies are trying to mind the same.

Asteroid Will Pass Earth Close To Just 1.5 Million Miles on July 19

According to astronomer Bob Berman, there is very little matter in 1967 Space Treaty, which says that the signed nations have agreed that no nations can claim a celestial body. Also, the treaty is silent on the matter with regards to companies and corporations.

Nations cannot claim the asteroid, but if private companies can manage to get there, they can mine the platinum. He also wished good luck to the companies.

He also added that Planetary Resources, the same group that launched a rocket from International Space Station, was keen about mining the platinum, but were had their focus on water, which is more valuable to the astronauts and International Space Station

However, the asteroid has nothing damaging for the earth inhabitants and cannot be seen with naked eyes as the distance is too far and one will have to rely on telescopes to see it.

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