Audi A4 Launched With 1.4 TFSI In India At Rs. 38.10 Lakh

Audi A4 Launched With 1.4 TFSI In India At Rs. 38.10 Lakh

The number of cars which is being produced daily is enormous and very huge in number but the biggest thing is that not every car is capable and amazing like Audi’s excellence is producing smartphones. The biggest Car’s manufacturer in the world is again back with another blow to all the residing cars which are marking their good sale revenue and reviews from the users. The latest launch from the Audi is quite amazing and is an example of sheer excellence. The newest launch which is coming to shake the whole market and brings turn down all the tables for every single car manufacturer and this model is coming with the smallest engine in the model range and the Audi A4 Premium Plus is launched at around INR Rs.38.10 Lakh while marking the upgraded version at the price range of 41.02 Lakh and these both prices are of ex-showroom Delhi.

Audi A4 Launched With 1.4 TFSI In India At Rs. 38.10 Lakh

The weight of this version is around 200 Pounds lighter than the previous one and that’s not just because of Downsized engine but also because of lighter yet stronger than B8 in terms of body weight. The whole vehicle comes with an amazing 1.395cc Motor engine which has the enormous power to generate around 150hp of maximum power from 5,000 Rpm to 6,000 Rpm and 250Nm of Peak torque from 1,500 to 3,500 Rpm, the vehicle will go to work on a 7-Speed Dual-Clutch automatic gearbox.

As Audi is very known for the excellent interior and exterior designing and creativity this time it has done the same too, the flawless and quite amazing dashboard is what makes the Audi what it is known for, with all the driving modes available on the dashboard and multiple options in every feature it seriously tempts the buyers towards itself. All the features like the safety measure, cockpit precautions, traction control, ABS and all the other equipment are up to the mark an expected by many users and is considered to be very important to everyone. This value to the money is fully fulfilled by this version and launch by Audi A4.

The excellency which is being highlighted everytime in Audi’s vehicle is unmatched and everytime ¬†whenever Audi launches something new it really gets quite amazing and huge buzz around the vehicle market and the competitions gets better and more bigger.

A4 with a 1.4 TSI petrol motor. With it, the German manufacturer is looking to further strengthen its position in the luxury sedan segment – one where direct competitors like Mercedes have made commendable strides.

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