Audience Reaction Appa Movie 2nd Day Day Box Office Collection Report


A movie which is based on a social problem and highlights all the problems which happens in the society and sometimes gets underestimated by us and cannot unveils in front of  the people but it is being faced by every person in this whole world somewhat in life whether rich or poor.


The movie has seriously got so many scenes which can shivers the audience  and really touched the hearts and even brought tears in the eyes of the viewers. The movie might get very amazing and great scenes but the only lacking is that the movie has got so much of story, which has effected the performance of the actors and some time covers up the performance of actors and their dialogue  delivery and make the audience gets lost only in the movie. 

He revealed that the film would bear no resemblance to the first film, but would be a spiritual sequel and would revolve around the education system like the previous film. He initially approached Anbazhagan to direct the film, but the director’s commitments to making Rupai produced by Prabhu Solomon, meant that Samuthirakani directed the film himself. Samuthirakani also revealed that the film’s plot line had been taken from a real life incident, which happened when choosing a school for his son

The film opened to mixed reviews by the audience. The first day collection of  the movie is around 6-7 crore. The movie has got mixed reviews from the critics and Appa has moments of greatness but because of its opinionated presentation, at no level, it gives you a good degree of satisfaction nor makes you accept the flaws that have been pinpointed. The movie has got quite confusing response from the box office because the liker and dislike’s of the movie are very much equal and many are those who didn’t get the story quietly mixed up by them.


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