Banjo Movie’s Star Cast Is Here On ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ 18th September 2016 Episode Video

The set of The Kapil Sharma Show had invited many celebs who had a great fun with the cast and audience in the show and answers to Kapil question that Apne Socha Tha Kai App Hamaare Show Par Aeege. The hilarious and funny nature of Kapil made everyone get crazy on him. Kapil had got a great following for himself and his show as well.  The last episode of The Kapil Sharma shows is full of fun, masti, and some melodious performances.

kapil-sharma-showWe had seen Kapil welcoming the great singer and music composer Shekhar on the show. The show goes melodious when Shekhar comes on the stage singing Jag Ghomeya. He gets greet by the audience and Kapil as well. Sidhu Paji’s Shayari had stolen away everyone’s heart as well. The episode starts with an act which had turned everyone to laugh out louder. The hilarious acting of Kapil as Aroora who just doesn’t like anyone or anything, made everyone laugh. Arora doesn’t even spare Sidhu Paji and comments about his match in which he gets out on 0. The show  always gets something new for the audience.

We had also  feature The Vamps on the show, which is an  international band based in the UK. The guys James McVey, Tristan Evans, Connor Ball and Brad Simpson, who plays different instruments. The show gets much energy and gets on madness when Kapil says that Aaj Fir English Bolni  Padegi. He gives the name to the boys as Chintu, Pintu, Sonu and Monu.

The show was full of fun, master and power packed performances by The Vamps and Shekhar. Kapil shares many things with all of them. The Vamp had recently sung a song with Shekhar and they had sung the same on the show live for the audience.

In today’s episode, we are going to see the star cast of the movie Banjo which is going to release on 23rd September 2016. We will see the great comedy actor Ritesh Deshmukh with her co-star Nargis Fakhri. We will also feature choreographer Dharmesh with them. The show is going to be full of fun where Kapil ask the stars to perform a different task. Don’t miss to watch the show and stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of The Kapil Sharma Show like this.

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