Barack Obama eats $6 noodles in a Hanoi street side restaurant

Barack Obama and Anthony Bourdain

President Barack Obama, who is in Vietnam for an official visit, took out time out from his busy schedule to enjoy a low-key meal with TV chef Barack Obama in a streetside restaurant at Hanoi.

The president who joined the other diners and looked totally relaxed while having Vietnam famous delicacy ‘Bun cha delicacy.

The President visited the restaurant on Monday along with Anthony Bourdain, gastronomic and food writer who talks about the least known Culinary around the world on his travel show.

The chef not only made the president sit in a local restaurant and indulge in the fatty pork and sweet broth but as he stated on his Twitter account, he also paid for the meal.

The two were seen on tiny plastic stools and were enjoying the meal with a bottle of Hanoi Beer.

The 54-year-old restaurant owner Nguyen Thi Lien, was taken back when she saw Barack Obama walk in her restaurant.

Even though she was aware of television crew heading to her restaurant but not in her wildest dream did she expect the most powerful men in the world to walk in her restaurant?

The President's chopstick skills are on point . #buncha #hanoi

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Other than the President there were also many diners who were enjoying their meal in the restaurant without making any hush about the fact that they were dining along with Barack Obama.

A Large crowd of people had gathered around the restaurant Bun Cha Huong Lien, to cheer for the President as he came out of the restaurant.

Even though US Secret Service and local police closed down all the areas around the restaurant for safety reasons but the president looked very relaxed while interacting and clicking photos with the crowd before he left in his limousine.

Mr. Barack Obama, who is in his last tenure of Presidentship, was on an official three-day trip to Vietnam to foster America’s relationship with Pacific allies.

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