#BB10 Bigg Boss Season 10 Day 2 18th October 2016 Written Updates Episode 3


In The last episode of Bigg Boss season 10. We saw that the day started with Swami Ji trying to teach some yoga Priyanka and they both are doing the aasan before anyone most of the contestants got awake. Then the Bigg Boss special wake up alarm goes on and everyone wakes up to their place while Manoj and Manveer were roaming outside in the garden area.

bigg-boss-season-10Then everyone gets awake and started their day with a bright morning to their day. Then after everyone got freshened up and ate their breakfast. Bigg Boss announces everyone to come into the living room to give an announcement.

The announcement was about the new rules of the house and what happened next was totally unexpected to anyone. They all collected in the room and Bigg Boss asked Naveen to read them out loud. The name of the task was “Hukkum Ki Ghanti” According to this task every celebrity contestant will go to act as a servant and every commoner will going to stay with the owner of the servant and they can give anything or any work to them, whatever they want or whatever they like from them.

The rules for the servants are:
1. The owners are provided with bells which they can use anytime and for their any purpose and if the servant doesn’t allow to them, they can punish them too,
2. The owners will go to before any servant,
3. The servants can use only the banana plates as their utensils which are being given to them by Bigg Boss,
4. They can use the bathroom only after all the Owners use it,
5. They will go to sleep only after all the owners will asleep,
6. The servants will go to eat only boiled food all the time,
7. The owners can change the rule to from the rule book.

The very first day starts with the fight between Bani and Priyanka over a very stupid topic of Bani’s age and got on a very high level. The episode also shows the biggest topic of the fight, sorrow, and happiness ‘Ration’ to be provided by Bigg Bogg to them.

While Manveer Gujjar who seems to be a tough competitor from all the commoners have started to make plannings to take down the celebrities. While Swami Ji was found giving his unwanted lectures about his birth and knowledge.

All the celebrities are found not so comfortable with the task as they have to follow every single rule of owner ‘The Commoners’ and they are taking the simple orders to the next level. While the first day of contestants also have to go through the nominations while the commoners chose to eliminate Monalisa and Gaurav from the celebrities and all the celebrities chose Priyanka and Manoj for the elimination.

While in today’s episode we will go to see that Manoj is creating problems for the celebrities as all of the celebrities will go to sleep after the owners and Manoj is still roaming outside in the middle of the night for which Gaurav raise a question, that why he is still awake?
So today’s episode will go to be filled with a lot of fights and clashes between the Servants ‘The celebrities’ and Owners ‘The Commoners’ & Something serious will going to happen with the Swami Ji. Stay tuned to the News Recorder As all the latest updates about the show will going to be updated below:

Day 2


Everyone is still awake because Manoj is still wandering in the house and everyone is asking him to sleep. Now he is fighting because he is not trying to listen to anyone and every servant ‘celebrity’ is making him understand to not fight over this topic. Now everyone is awake because Karan and Manoj is fighting over this topic. Rahul Dev has tried to calm down Manoj.


Alarm is on and everyone is awake too. The Bigg Boss alarm is quite loud. Swami is praising Monalisa’s dancing, while Lokesh is making fun and he is being accompanied by Praveen.


Everyone goes into the store room to change their batteries of their mikes, Karan and Manoj insults the food which is being make by everyone. Now Manoj is asking Lopamudra to not say too much as this doesn’t looks good. Karan and Manoj is arguing over the statement which is being given by Manoj over the food which is being made by them.

Manoj is actually arguing with Karan over the food topic which is also stayed as topic of fight in the house.


Everyone is on the table and is using their bell to call the servant for the breakfast and they are trying their best to ruin their innocency.

Then Manoj, Priyanka, Manveer and Praveen is in the outside ground. Making their plans to fight the Servants and according to them, celebrity are trying to be smart over them.

They are making fun of them and their activities as servants. Akansha too comes with them to join in their plans.

Now Manveer and Priyanka are trying to convince Bani according to the rules as they are not getting hold over Bani, because of his strong character. Now Bani and Priyanka is again in front of eachother. While Manveer is arguing with Karan for his innocent behaviour all the time.


Manveer calls Bani in the living room and Gaurav comes there to listen to the statements which is being made by Priyanka over their habits of not listening to their orders.

Akansha starts crying without no major matter and Manveer is trying to convince her. Now Gaurav tells Bani about their plans to send Bani to the Jail.

Now they have written a new rule that the servant who will not going to listen to their order will going to send to jail as a punishment.

Now, Lopa comes to the living room to clear the matter but it doesn’t get done.


Now Lokesh is asking from Bigg Boss for new batteries and some other things which is being needed by by Guruji.


Karan and every other comes onto Dining table and now they are talking about Priyanka and her lame surname which is being given and the joke which is made over him.

These two groups of owners and servants are actually having fights and this fight seems to be like a war.


Salman Khan has come through Tv and now he is meeting to everyone. Now he gives the very first task to the celebrities to find the secret which the Indiawale has brought with them to the house. Gaurav reads out the letter from Bigg Boss and now the servants is being given by the secrets and they have to match the correct secret to exact match and to win this they have to make the exact secret to exact person. Now Swami Ji and Lopamudra is talking into the store room and they are talking about the secrets which they have shared to eachother.

Swami Ji threats Lopamudra for not making the secret unveils in front of everyone and now Lopa is asking him not to threaten her as he is threatening her.

Now the things are going very adverse between Swami Ji and Lopamudra as Swami Ji is continuously threatning her.


Swami Ji is telling Manveer about his fight and his reason for the fight. Lopa is telling Bigg Boss about the threatning which is being given to her by Swami Ji.


Bigg Boss called all the Servants into the living room and started to unveil the secret in a troublling way. Bigg Boss gives the hint and now they are thinking over it.


Priyanka is talking to Rahul about their personal things and events to know the answer to their question given by Bigg Boss.

Everyone is trying their best to know the secrets of the Owners and Gaurav has succedded in knowing about the secrets of Akansha. Gaurav is going on well with his plannings and now the truth is out.


Gaurav tells the name of Akansha and his answer is right. Now Akansha is arguing over the answer of Gaurav with Akansha, that she has told the answer by herself. Akansha goes high over the statement of Swami Ji.


Now Swami Ji is trying to tell about the situation which has arisen in front of Gaurav over the topic of Akansha. Swami Ji is saying too much about his power on the show. While Lopa is trying to annoy him by doing childish things. The things got again high between Swami Ji and Lopa and everyone comes there.


Bigg Boss called Swami Ji into his room and told him not to do anything which makes the situation worse in the house. He promise not to do anything again like he has done till now.

Now Swami Ji is trying to calm Manveer down,  but the things are going wrong between them. Manveer is arguing with Swami Ji and because of his talking too much. Lopa ask him to ask for forgiveness in fronr of everyone but the things are not getting better.


Manveer and Manoj are trying to tell Swami Ji not to fight in the show as this till going to bring a lot of problems for him.

In the next episode of Bigg Boss season 10 Day 3 we will going to see that the fight will going to be on the next level because of Swami Ji while Commoners with Manoj try to exploit the celebrities but gets a very strong and solid answer from Rohan and he is backed by everyone in the house.

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