“BBKS4” Bigg Boss Kannada Season 4 Episode 11 19th Oct: Watch Live Streaming Updates & Highlights!


Bigg Boss has become one of the most amazing shows in India and it is also having a very great viewership in Kannada version too. The Bigg Boss which is having a very great response on in the Kannada language is running its 4th season and it is being hosted by Kiccha Sudeep.

While the whole show is full of many surprises and last week Sudeep has also said that there will be a surprise for every contestant but the surprise is still not revealed. The house which is giving shelter to 15 known personalities under one roof and one of them is Om-Prakash, who is a very known film-maker.

Bigg Boss Kannada Season 4While all the things are actually not from home and there is a surprise for everyone every single day. This week’s second elimination was held just like every time on Monday, October 17 and Vanisri was eliminated from the show last weekend.

The show which was started on 9th October with a very grand opening and was aired since then marking a very amazing and great audience and viewership. While Sudeep has taken quite a great amount for the show which grosses around Rs.18crore and this contract consists of upcoming three more series as the contract was or five and he is doing his second one now.

While as anticipated, the four people who were eliminated last Monday was Pratham along with Dodda Ganesh, Kaavya Shastri, Sheethal Shetty and Sanjana. While Pratham seems to be in the eyes of audience and participants as he is not very normal and seems to be erratic for most of the times.

His problems with other contestants are growing with the time and always stays fighting with other inmates. While Cricketer Dodda Ganesh doesn’t have som many problems in the house, so elimination chance o he is quite less as according to the inmates.

Kavya Shastri and Sanjana is quite not very included in the house because of their very less interaction with all the participants.

While Rekha was elected as the leader of the house and now he is having all the powers as a leader, while turning down Kirik Keerthi, who was the first week’s best performer and first leader. The show airs on Colors Kannada and Colors Kannada HD from 9:00Pm downwards.

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