Beeji Tells Rishi About Tanuja’s Past Life! ‘Kasam’ 31st August 2016 Latest Episodes Written Updates & Live Streaming

Beeji was very curious about Tanuja’s past and she is very confident about his last birth, she is very impressed from her behaviour and points about her last life and birth. She is calling her the one which is sent by Maa Kaali for anyone and is related somehow from their past.

Tanuja was preparing some juice for Beeji and as Ahana comes there and told him that she needs to put less salt in it as Beeji is suffering from low B.P., Rano too comes into the kitchen and somehow send Ahana to look out for something, she starts warning Tanuja about the circumstances they will go to face if Rishi comes to know that you three are daughter of Neha and granddaughter if Bani. He seriously warns her of not going around Rishi at any cost. Rishi was very busy in the office but on a phone call from the home makes him leave all the work and rush to the home after knowing the situation of Beeji.

Kasam Beeji.

Raaj was impressed from Tanuja and his generous behaviour toward them and Beeji, he was thinking and is really looking for Tannu in Tanuja as all her habits make them remember of Tannu’s love and affection for them. He blesses her while marking Tannu as his daughter and Tanuja’s all the habits which is same like Tannu and makes them feel the same for her.

As Beeji comes to know that yuvi has called Rishi about her situation, still she tries to call him and not make him come home so early. Rishi was called by Beeji and Rishi starts scolding Beeji for not taking care of her health, Beeji starts crying over Rishi’s rude statements and Tanuja comes to know about his and takes the phone from Beeji’s hand and start scolding Rishi when he ask who she is.

The name stunned him for a moment as Tanuja calls herself Tannu and this literally shocks him. He again asks her what she called her and gets very angry as he was thinking that someone is making him fool by taking Tannu’s name. Rishi makes it to the home very early and suddenly rushes to Beeji’s room, Raano starts getting worried as Tanuja is still in the room and will going to very big trouble if Rishi sees her there.

Rishi when confronts her, in place of thanking her for saving Beeji’s life he starts scolding her for not receiving her call and hung up it for very long time.

He is very angry and is shouting over her for her mistake. Yuvi comes there and Tanuja gets the chance to run away from the room as she was advised not to make it too long in front of Rishi, Yuvi starts arguing with Rishi over shouting of him over Tanuja as she saved Beeji’s life and did a very big favour for them.

Beeji when to get her consciousness starts talking about Tanuja and starts telling all the things which make her feel that Tanuja has come for only Rishi and when Rishi ask her who and when. She tells him that it’s Tannu  who has come for you back for you as Tanuja.

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