Beyhadh 14th October 2016 Written Episode Updates Today: Model Complains Maya


In the last episode of Beyhadh, we had seen that Saanjh and Arjun are talking to each other and Saanj ask her about his job. Arjun calls Maya arrogant. Then Arjun gets a call and tells Saanjh that he have to go to the office early at 8 am tomorrow. He curses Maya and says that she will be sleeping this time and didn’t let any chance to tease her employees.

BeyhadhMaya is in feared  and recalls her father. She is shivering badly when her mother asks her to open the door. She tells Maya that he is your father and this thing is getting roam around in Maya. Next morning Saanjh calls Aayana and ask him to wake Arjun up. Ayaan does the same and Arjun gets shocked at this. Arjun’s mum come there and he behaves rudely with her.

He goes to his office and saw new guard. He then goes to the reception and gets shocked to saw new secretary as well. He then taunts Maya and the guard says that Maya gets fume by him. Arjun recalls the photo shoot and rushes to the location. He saw some models and gets happy. She starts doing the photo shoot and Maya come there.

She gets angry with him and asks him to leave. Arjun also gets angry and calls Saanjh. Saanjh gets shocked to know about the incident and goes to see him. Arjun goes to Maya and asks her that what he can do as he is ready to do anything. Maya tells him to make the male models get ready. She then sees all the photos and leaves from there.

Saanjh comes there and a male model tries to get close to her. Arjun comes to defend Saanjh and gets into an argument with the guy. He starts fighting with him and Maya come back there. She stops Arjun and says him to take the resignation letter tomorrow. In today’s episode, we are going to see Arjun gets aimed to take revenge from Maya. In the office, Maya gets shocked to know that model’s dresses are missing. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Beyhadh like this.

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