Beyhadh 17th October 2016 Written Episode Updates Video: Maya Destroys Her Dad’s Pic


In the last episode of Beyyadh, we had seen that Maya says to Arjun that he had become an animal and animal doesn’t get any chance to stay with the people. She fired him and Saanjh gets shocked by this. She asks Arjun did she go to apologize Maya. Arjun stops her and says that she will not do anything like this. She says that this will depend on me now and I will teach Maya a lesson.

BeyhadhIn the house, Arjun’s mom come to caresses him but Arjun acts rudely with her. In Saanjh house her parents and brother tease her. Saanjh says that she and Arjun are just friend and they will be. Saanjh then gets a call from Arjun and she leaves. She goes to them and Arjun says that I will show you my plan. They all then leaves.

Next morning Maya gets shocked to know by her employee that the dresses are lost. She says that this is all depends on you if you want to save your job then you have to find the dresses anyhow. Then Arjun comes there and misbehaves with the peon. Maya gets anger and then gets shocked to see  the news. The news reporter shows that how Maya’s company make the local people wear the designer dress and make them look beautiful.

Maya gets impressed by this and give the resignation letter to the employee. Arjun gets shocked to see this and goes to Maya. He asks her for his resignation letter and Maya says that he have to start his work. Arjun says that he will not join till when she will not appoint the peon and the receptionist back. Maya asks him to go. Arjun leaves and Maya gets angry. She then calls a conference meeting.

Arjun goes to the reception and sees the peon and secretary there. They both thanks Arjun and says that because of him they get save from Maya. Arjun looks on and says that he had done foolish things. He goes to Maya when she is in meeting and gets shocked with her cruel eyes. In today’s episode, we are going to see that Maya goes to her mom and crushes her father’s pic. She then gets fumes when she saw Arjun partying with his friends in the cabin. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Beyhadh like this.

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