Beyhadh 18th October 2016 Online Written Updates Episode 06: Arjun Gives Maya a Termination Letter


In the last episode of Beyhadh, we had seen that Maya calls a meeting when Arjun leaves and starts discussing her new project with the employees. Then Arjun comes there and enters the conference hall. He takes a seat and Maya starts discussing again. Arjun then asks them to stop and says that there is something missing in this all. Maya then asks her receptionist to give the work to Arjun and make a team for him. She leaves and says Arjun that she wants the presentation to be ready in 2 hours.

In the house, Ayaan is talking with his mother and says that is she thinking about Arjun. His mother then asks him to call Arjun and ask him about the first day. Ayaan then gets Arjun’s call and Arjun says that his job is going great now. Peon in the office tells Arjun that they all are scared as they think that if you will talk to them then their job will be gone too.


Arjun then sees the secretory¬†choosing a team for him. Two boys get Arjun’s team and Arjun starts discussing the presentation with them .He then sees Saanjh’s message and goes to meet her. Saanjh takes him to the ice cream stall and Arjun says that he have to give his presentation anyhow. Maya gets angry and asks that where is Arjun. She calls everyone in the conference room and waits for Arjun. Arjun comes there and shows her some locations.

Maya gets to stand and ask Arjun to ready the presentation till tomorrow morning. Maya comes back to home and sees her mother with her father’s pic. She asks her mother to sleep and takes the pic from her. She goes to the kitchen and crushes the pic in the mixer.

She then sees the live video of her office and gets angry to see Arjun partying with the college staff. In today’s episode, we are going to see that Arjun gets to know from Saanjh that Maya is not so cruel. Arjun then gets shocked to see his resignation letter in Maya’s hand. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Beyhadh¬†like this.

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