Beyhadh 19th October 2016 Written Episode Updates Online: Arjun Falls Down Unconscious


In the last episode of Beyhadh, we had seen that Maya gets angry seeing the CCTV footage. Next morning Arjun saw a bad dream about Maya and wakes up. Saanjh is with Arjun and tells him that if he will not get ready soon then Maya will eat him. Arjun goes to get ready. Maya comes to the office and tells her secretary to call Arjun. Her secretary says that Arjun had not come yet. Maya calls his team and asks the boys that what they think they are really clever. She says them to get the presentation ready in 1 minute.

BeyhadhAt the home, Saanjh is with Arjun’s mother and ask him to have the breakfast. Arjun first refuses and then takes the sandwiches. They then leave. Arjun reaches at the right time in the office when the clients had refused to the presentation. He comes and makes the clients ready by his personality and presence of mind. His friends try to tell him the situation but he doesn’t hear them. He fumes and then leaves.

Then Arjun talks to Saanjh and tells about the nature and behaviour of Maya. Saanjh gets happy to know that they get the campaign. Her boss then tells her that they have the meeting with Maya. Saanjh gets nervous and calls Arjun again. Arjun tells her that Maya is so cruel and will eat you raw. Saanjh gets nervous at this. Maya reaches to the hotel but gets scared to see her father there. He then asks the guard to drop him inside and pay him 500rps.

She then meets Saanjh and Chela Ramani. He tells Maya that she have to give 25% of her campaign to some other company. At this Saanjh says that she have an idea. She tells the idea to Maya and Maya likes it the most. Maya gets a stand and says that she will deal with Saanjh only from today. Saanjh gets happy at this and Maya to leave from there. She goes to the office again and then calls Arjun there.

She gets some bear and ask Arjun to have it. She then give him the termination letter and Arjun gets shocked at this. In today’s episode we are going to see that Arjun apologise to Maya and says that she must punish him but not his friends. Maya agrees and ask Arjun that if he will drink all this bear then she will surely to fire his friends. Arjun do the same and gets dizzy. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Beyhadh like this.

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