Beyhadh 20th March 2017 Written Updates: Maya blames Saanjh for her miscarriage!

Beyhadh 20th March 2017 Written Updates: Maya blames Saanjh for her miscarriage!

Maya’s conspiracy is not seemed to end in Beyhadh. She is much possessive for all her things and this makes a difference in her. Now Maya again starts feeling hatred for Saanjh. She now wants to dispatch Saanjh from Arjun for the whole life and to make Arjun her puppet. Maya can go to every extent to get the things which she wants.

In the last episode of Beyhadh, we had seen that Maya was thinking about Arjun’s and Saanjh’s friendship. She says that she don’t want to become a hurdle between their friendship but now she have to as Saanjh was trying to make Arjun know about Maya’s true intentions. Next morning she makes the preparations to celebrate Holi. Arjun praises the decorations and when Maya was about to out the color on his face Saanjh comes from behind and apply color to him.

Maya gets angry when Arjun apply color back on Saanjh. Arjun the go with his colleagues and ask for some bhang. Maya gets more jealous to see Arjun and Saanjh’s masti. She then gives them bhaang lying that it was milk which makes Arjun and Saanjh dizzy. They both starts dancing and enjoying together. Maya then goes to Suman and tells that people are talking bad about Saanjh. Suman gets tensed at this and take Saanjh from there. Arjun then goes to Maya and was inebriated. He hugs her and asks about Saanjh which make Maya angrier.

In today’s episode of Beyhadh, we are going to see that Suman will tell Saanjh that she was totally lost because of Bhang. Saanjh will recall that Maya had given her Bhang and will go to talk to her in anger. She will scold Maya and tell her that she had made Arjun dispatch from his family but she can’t dispatch them. She will tell Maya that soon Arjun will see her true face and will leave her alone. Maya gets angry and intentionally falls down from the stairs and shout Arjun.

Saanjh and Arjun will get shocked at this and Maya will scream in pain they will then take her to the hospital where Maya will face the miscarriage. This will make Arjun shattered and he will believe on Maya when she will tell him that Saanjh had pushed her from the stairs. Arjun will break him all relation which will make Maya happy. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Beyhadh like this.

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