Beyhadh 20th October 2016 Written Episode Updates Video: Arjun Gets Afraid Seeing Maya


In the last episode of Beyhadh, we had seen that Arjun gets shocked to see the termination letter and Maya say that this is the termination of all you three. Arjun then requested Maya not to terminate his two friends. Maya asks him to drink beer till then she will say not. Arjun gets agree and drink the maximum bear. He then gets dizzy and felt unconscious.

beyhadh-imagesMaya leaves and his friends manage him. Next morning Saanjh is with Arjun and wakes him up. She then scolds him and says that he must not do anything like this. Arjun says that he will not drink from today. Ayan comes and takes all the beer bottles. Arjun looks on. In the house Maya is praying to the lord and the lamp was not getting lit up.

She apologises to the lord and says that she have to do this. She then gets shocked to see her mum’s behaviour and go to her. Her mum says that she have to go out and want to see outside’s environment. She consoles her mother and says that there is nothing important than her. She asks her to be ready as they will go outside today. She asks her mother to have medicine and then leaves.

In the office, Arjun comes to his cabin and makes Maya’s sketch as a witch. Maya comes there and look at the sketch. She then calls Arjun and asks him to make the big one next time. She asks Arjun to prepare the presentation. Then Maya’s secretory come to Arjun and says that did he want to go for the movie. Arjun agrees and takes the passes. He calls Saanjh and says to get ready.

Arjun then goes to give a presentation to Maya and Maya gets tensed by his closeness. She leaves for home and Arjun changes her gold tickets with his silver tickets. Maya’s secretory come and says the guard to send the tickets to Maya’s house. In today’s episode, we are going to see that Maya comes to the movie hall with her mother and guard stops her. Arjun, Saanjh and Ayan looks at her and gets shocked. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Beyhadh like this.

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