Bhagwan Dada’s Marathi Movie “Ekk Albela” Review Rating Public Response Critics Box Office Colection

Ekk Albela

Vidya Balan is a  very renown actor and a well known personified actor who gives his all efforts to make a movie block-buster and she has already given so many movies which has touched the sky of Bollywood some of her movies in which she has given flawless performance is Hamari Adhuri Kahani and Paa in which she has played an excellent role and also gets awards for his acting.

She is a very passionate actor and has given such flawless performances which can never be repeated by any anyone. The main and shocking news is that she is making her debut with a Marathi movie in which she will going to play a a role of another legend until she lives and popularly known as Geeta baali. The movie features the story of two legends and their role which they have played together and give the cinemas a golden period which they still remembers when they listen to their names or saw their picture anywhere.

Ekk Albela

Vidya Balan has given her best shot and played a role of Geeta Baali who is also a star in her time in the Bollywood. When she started her filmy career as a child actress and at a very small age, just at the age of 12, with the film The Cobbler and this jacked her career in the movie-line and blessed her with next projects one of these movie is, that when she made her debut as a heroine in Badnaami.

Vidya’s next project has been completed and is on it’s way to launch the launching date is 24 June 2016. Themovie has been directed under the influence of Shekhar Sartandel and is being produced by  Dr. Monish Babre. The movie has been prepared under the banner of Kimaya Motion Pictures and is being presented by mangalmurthi films.

the movie is basically based on the life of the legendary actor Bhagwan Dada. And the most amazing thing about this movie is that it will going to be launched both in India and UK simultaneously. Magnesh Das who has played the role of Dada was fearing that Vidya will going to overpower him and will going to make him disappear inside the movie.

The movie has been loved by all the audience after watching the trailer and more over the movie doesn’t have a head to head competition with any other movie. so the critics have given it with 3 stars according to the movie story base and plotting of the movie.

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