Bharti Airtel 100 Mbps V-Fiber Broadband Service To Start From Chennai Soon! (See Requirements For Connection)

Bharti Airtel Offers 100 Mbps

The Reliance Jio has started a revolution which is taking down all the expectations level and is marking some very tempting offers to users to brings more and more users to their brand and this has been taken on another level by Bharti Airtel.

one of the very renown service providers has come out with a whole new offer while the Airtel V-Fiber Broadband service has launched with free unlimited voice calling support, according to the many sources, the newly launched V-Fiber service will going to provide the user with the ability to attain a speed of almost 100 Mbps and will going to soon begin in Chennai, while moreover the service will going to be gradually rolled out in phase across only 87 cities in India and will have access to Airtel’s broadband service initially, the service will soon be available in Delhi and Bengaluru too.

bharti-airtel-2Now the new statements which have been given by the official are that they will go to provide the free voice calling that was previously available on the select Broadband plans will now be extended to all customers.

So this has turned down all the tables for the users to wait for the service providers to dig down their roads and then do all the writing things until they fit their supplies there.

Airtel is also planning to use the noise elimination technology which is also named ad Vectorization to boost the speed of Broadband connectivity , and for this, the existing users have to bring a new modem because of the new configurations of the upcoming device and requirements.

The growing challenges and rivals who are bringing a lot of competition and offers to smash out others from the market, is duly addressed by the Director Ajai Puri on the launch and also the explosive growth in the data usage and a lot of it which is coming and he also appreciates the efforts which is being put up by his company’s officials about the innovative and exceptional growth in their brand.

Puri added that with V-Fiber paired with Airtel’s national optic fiber backbone, the company will be able to offer a future-ready network for tomorrow’s digitally connected homes.

Although the new connection will be available with new connection and prices fixed for the services and monthly rental basis with according to the speed and data plan. This will surely go to bring some very great and awaiting offers for the users of other brand and tempetion too.

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