Bigg Boss Season 10 “#BB10” Day 3 Episode 4 19th Oct 2016 Written Updates Live!

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Bigg Boss has turned out to be one of the most trending and entertaining show right now. The show is counting its 10th season, but all the chills and thrills are still like the very first show.

This time, the show is having a unique theme ‘Aapka Apna Ghar’ and has brought most of the contestants who doesn’t have any connection with the fame of any known industry and are normal living people. While the other half of the contestants are known celebrities who have very good connection with the Indian Television.

The show was started on 16th October and has completed the two days, but the situation has started to grow worse and the minor conflicts have started to take big fights. The Show got a very grand and amazing premiere beginning while every day in the Bigg Boss house is showing more better premiere of fights and conflicts between the inmates. The major fight which has taken place in the house is because of the task, which is being given by Bigg Boss.

bigg-boss-season-10The task created two groups from which half of the house has made a group of commoners and the other half has become of celebrities. As in the last episode, we saw that things between the commoners and celebrities are getting worse and the fight is growing more as the first-day impression of Priyanka and Bani has created a very strange situation between them and they are not letting any chance of facing off against each other.

While Swami Ji and Lopamudra has become the center of the fight for these two groups as Swami Ji’s threat to Lopa for not revealing his secret which Salman has told her while she entered the show. Then Manveer turns down all the tables for Swami Ji as he tried to show his guilt for threatening Lopamudra for any reason.

bigg-boss-season-10In today’s episode, we will going to see that normal situation between Manoj and Karan will get to a next level and they will literally going to face-off each other, while everyone will going to tell them not to do so. While the commoners will going to take on their effects and special powers to exploit the celebrities.

Day 3


Everyone is fighting and as Priyanka is starting to make plan for take his revenge from all the celebrities. Lokesh is doing what she is famous for ‘fake acting’. The commoners are trying to exploit the celebrities as they have planned.


Swami Ji ring the bell and asked from the celebrities to make food for him as he needs to take the medicine and everyone comes to ask what he wants. The celebrities and Commoners are again in front of each other because of the task.


OM is having his dinner before the breaking of the dawn, which is quite not expected by anyone. Everyone is still awake and the things are getting worse between Lopa and Swami Om.  Now Karan and Priyanka is having a fight started because of the reason of Swami Om.

Karan gave a very strong and loud answer to every commoner’s questions and doubts.


They official day according to Bigg Boss starts now, with the alarm.


Swami try to do some very serious and secret discussion with Praveen in the bathroom.


Swami Ji try to convince Lopa because of his mistake which he has done yesterday and now he is asking for forgiveness from her. Lopa while still stands upon his statements and Swami Ji’s threats which he says to her.

Gaurav comes in the conversation and then comes into the topic, which is not getting to an end. He also try to make Swami Ji realize his mistake.


Gaurav is somehow coming closer to Akansha as most of the times he is found talking to her about his past.


Priyanka starts the argument with Gaurav because he calls him the follower of Swami Ji in the house at even the midnight. Gaurav comes to her for telling that she is making very big mistakes as she is going very wrong.


Now Swami Ji comes to Manveer and Manu to talk about the things which Gaurav earlier discussed. While Swami Ji says that Gaurav is trying to make their group fight. Manu try to take the matter to the next level by discussing it with Gaurav. Now Swami Ji is stuck very badly in his statements and words which he is making in the house. He is like a ball which is in not getting any court to stay.

Manu Punjabi is asking Swami Ji not to do anything like this which makes him look bad in front of audience.


The second puzzle or the hint have been given to the celebrities and they are trying their best to solve it.

Priyanka is ordering Rohan to not sit with other and she is also saying him not to argue with him over this topic. Rohan has started a very bad argument with Manu and now Manu has shown his negative side. The things have gone on another level of argument. Priyanka is using some very embarrassing words and she is showing her very wrong side on a national Television. Gaurav again reads out the descriptions. Mona lisa goes very shocked over this seeing this side of the celebrities.


Rohan and Priyanka comes into the bathroom to talk about the topic on which they were fighting. Then Priyanka brings him to the washroom to make him understand the things to camera. Then Priyanka angrily gives him her clothes to wash right now!

Lopa is again having problems with Swami Ji over her isses.


Everyone comes into the living room and now they have to give the answer for the puzzle which Bigg Boss has asked from them to win the task. Gaurav again stands up and says the answer. Now Lokesh confirms thata the answer is wrong.


Now every Celebrity is having their conversation and discussion over the topic which they lost today and that was the puzzle to win the luxury budget and task.

While Commoners were doing the same.


Now Swami Ji is doing their conversation about Manveer as he is not looking in their side and is playing a very serious game according to them. Manveer is now going to be asked by Swami Om about this topic.


Now the Task ‘Raaz’ will going to get ahead as the Owners will going to get something which will let them save their ownership and special power and it is special props which is being given to them for not making the work of Servants easier.


The Celebrities have been given with the second hint for the puzzle too. While Akansha and Nitibha is standing outside the activity area to do some very amazing things for Celebrities.


Rahul comes to Swami and then he talks to him about the issues and how to solve it. While the motive of Rahul was to know the deep and dark secrets.


Now the Celebrities have asked to give the answer and Bani gave the answer, Swami Om which is correct.


Now Lopa is again confronted by Swami Om because of the issues which they had in past and the things have come to an end.


The next puzzle is given to the Celebrities, which seems to be quite easy to them.


Karan gave the answer and the answer was Priyanka, which is correct.

In The next episode we will going to see that Priyanka while trying to exploit Karan gets a solid answer and she goes mad over this and try to argue with her. But he counters to her and she in revenge gives him the punishment and sends him to the Prison.

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