Biggest Twist In Jai, Dhruv & Aditya’s Life! ’24’ Twenty-Four Season 2: Latest Written Episode Updates & Live Streaming


One of the most thrilling shows on the Indian Television is back and is having a very amazing time while getting a great number of viewership right now. The Show starts with a great news that Jai Rathore has caught the virus dealer and Haroon and Roshan Sherchand have died according to their confirmation.

The PM is really very grateful to the Malik who has put his belief on Jai and till the very end, but everything is ended now. Every official is very happy after listening to this news given by ATO. Everyone in the Offical of Medical Research team is getting annoyed of this sort notice given by PM to find an antivirus for this virus. They are all discussing and agreed to find an antidote to the virus because it is a very big threat to the whole nation and the world too if it didn’t get timely precautions. The show is having a very great and amazing TRP and is getting amazing and tremendous love from the viewers.

24-season-2When Jai Singh Rathore comes back to the ATO everyone welcomes him very healthy and then the chief comes and calls him to have a meeting but in alone. He tells him that he is having a high-grade investigation for him, Jai tells him to a first enquiry about the guy who is delivering the virus but he tells him that he first have to go through the interrogation.

Everything is not going as planned by Jai, rather than believing on him and helping him. Everyone is shocked to know about this, Mrs Nalini tries her best to dug out all the proofs which can be taken out by her and she is getting succeeded in this plan. She digs out all the information about Manik Shinde’s accident in which she killed a daughter of someone. She asks him to reveal all the thing in a press conference but he is very scared that what will go to happen if he follows his order.

The scientists were trying their best to find something successful and the most exact way to fight the virus but they were very far from this. At the ATO when Jai meets his daughter and his son, his daughter was very happy to meet him but his son was very much angry with him and was blaming all the things which he has done while getting this mission done. The distance between Son and Father is getting bigger and bigger as his son is not believing him at all and is taking all the things in the wrong way.

Jai is very angry from what he just listened from his son. The interrogation team arrives and they are not looking good at all, they started waving the swords of telling Jai about all the mistakes he has done and that’s very frustrating as they start blaming all the mistakes and breaking all the laws and breaking all the protocols which were set by them.

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