Bihar’s Sex Ratio Fell down from 924 to 868 in a year

Bihar's Sex Ratio Fell down from 924 to 868 in a year

Patna: The sex ratio of Bihar fell  to 868 from 924 within a year. According to the report, there are 868 females  against 1,000 males born in Bihar in 2014.

The figures of Civil Registration System (CRS) which was released on last week by the census office of India. The sex ratio of Bihar in the year of  2013 was 898 females against 1,000 males and it declined in the year of 2014 that was 887 females against every 1000 males.

Bihar's Sex Ratio Fell down from 924 to 868 in a year
Bihar is on rank seven in the order of sex ratio, Uttrakhand at rank one, Nagaland on two, Haryana on number three, Tamil Nadu is on the fourth  rank, Rajasthan at number five and Manipur at rank six. Sikkim, Lakshadweep, Andaman & Nicobar island are the top regions. The urban areas of Bihar are supposed to be more educated than the other areas of the state but in actual are poorer.

It is actually showing the current state of Bihar which is called to be worst. The main reason which is calculating behind the calculations is Female Foeticide. This is the face of thinking and mentality of the people. Besides making the rules the institutions are easily accessing STD(Sex Determination Test).

This ill practices now making the situation worst in the state. The state government does not seem to pay attention towards the major issue. This thinking and practices need to stop now. That institution which is giving support to ultrasound and STD should be charged with the relevant case. Many regulations had been made by the government but the practice is still continued in the state.

This calculation is now telling the phase of thinking and health facilities in the state. The major reason behind this is that the literacy ratio is also poor in the state and hence the people are not aware of the terms. The health facilities also lead to an increase in the death rate which is also a reason for the declining sex ratio. Stay tuned with us for more updates and news feeds like this.

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