Biographical Film: Anna 2nd Day Box Office Collection & Audience Review, Response

India is trying to achieve and make some very exceptional movies and sometimes these turns out to be a biography. The one of the latest movie which is being directed, written by Shashank Udaipur.

While the movie is being based on one of the most respected and renown social activist Anna Hazare, which is being portrayed by the writer cum director (Shashank Udaipur) himself while the supporting role in the movie is being done by Tanishaa Mukerji, Govind Namdev, Sharat Saxena, Kishor Kadam, Daya Shankar Pandey, etc. in supporting roles. The movie is basically focused on the event which happened in 2011, which lead to woke up of the mass movement in support of the JanLokpal Bill and the whole movement was done and inspired by Anna Hazare.

annaThe name inspired lakhs and millions of people around India and also got the major and lovely support throughout the time he was on his movements.

He is also known as the most courageous person who can stand against the corruption and corrupt practices in the country, while the whole movie traces Anna’s life trails, story, and hardship he has done to achieve the persistence which he has now. This great person is also termed as the modern-age Mahatma Gandhi, and this is not justified if someone doesn’t know about this great person.

The one of the most important thing which turns out to be his fame among the masses is because of the Jan Lokpal protests, while his preceding body of work is equally strong.

The simplest example being the makeover he gave Ralegan Siddhi, which is actually his native place that is considered to be a model village for many. While the whole story turns out to be quite impressive the movie still manages to get impressive response and reviews from the audience throughout the day and ended up with impressive ratings.

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