Black Friday Deals on iPads – Over 30% Savings Based on Model

If you are strictly looking for Black Friday tablet deals within the iOS ecosystem, several retailers have your interest taken care of. Many of the main stores are carrying a great deal this Black Friday, including Target, Staples, Walmart and Best Buy.  Discounts can go as high as 30% or more off standard retail pricing.

We’ve selected some of the best iPad deals to give you and easy start to bargain hunt on tech purchases this Black Friday.

Target’s iPad offers

At Target, paying a full price of different iPad models qualifies you for gift cards than you can use for more shopping at the store this Black Friday. Similarly, if you buy the iPad Air 2 at Target, you are eligible for a $150 gift voucher. Buying the iPad Mini 4 at Target unlocks a $100 gift card.

As such, Target is having a unique approach to Black Friday deals on iPads were you pay the regular price but earn yourself a shopping voucher that you can use to add more items to your chart at no extra cost.

Staples’ iPad Black Friday offers

Staples also have several iPad give away this Black Friday. The retailer allows you to grab the 64GB iPad Air 2 for just $449, indicating a $150 step-down from the regular list price. If you are interested in the iPad Air 2 with smaller storage (16GB), you can own it for $374 instead of the usual price of $499.

Staples’ Black Friday deals on iPads also cover the 16GB iPad Mini 2 for $239, which means a $60 discount. The 16GB iPad Mini 4 attracts a discount of $100, allowing you to own it at $299. You can also save $80 on the 16GB iPad Air by getting it at $319 from Staples this Black Friday.


Walmart doesn’t have much to offer in terms of Black Friday deals on iPads, but the retailer is giving $70 discount on the 16GB iPad Mini 2, thus allowing you own it for just $199.

Best Buy

Best Buy’s Black Friday iPad giveaways include $100 off the regular cost of select iPad Mini 4 and iPad Air 2 models.

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