Boat Capsize Caused 5 Death And 25 Missing In Bangladesh

An overcrowded water boat got capsized or inverted in south-central Bangladesh. The incident was threatening and caused around 4 deaths and around 25 are still missing. The boat was packed with 50 passengers and it capsized in Sandhya River in between strong currents.

An official in coastal Barisal district stated “Four bodies have so far been recovered but some 25 passengers of the sunken boat are missing,” He also added five divers with the help of police and people in the neighbourhood moved to make rescue act in action. A fire service official said the divers have located some vessels under water and were preparing to look out for more bodies feared to be trapped inside.


“Some 25 passengers were saved or swam ashore as the launch sank near a terminal,” a police officer said. These type of accidents are common in Bangladesh, criss-cross over by 300 rivers while many of them turn into dangerous one in the time of monsoon.

Last year in February around 69 people died in Central Bangladesh when a boat sunk under water. The rescue act is still in progress and divers and police are trying to find the missing 25 individuals as soon as possible.

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