‘Bob Dylan’ Wins The Nobel Prize But Is It Actually Justified With The Award?


The One of the very known and impressive artist till now Bab Dylan has got the due credit for his dedication and hard-work now as he got the Nobel Prize for Literature and become the first prestigious songwriter to have this honor, but is it justified?

The news has created a very big buzz around the world regarding him winning the prize. The 775-year-oldlegend has recieved the prize for having created new poetic expression within the great American song tradition. He has also become the very first American one to win since novelist Toni Morrison in 1993. President Obama has alos felt very hunoured and generous while giving the praise that he is ‘Well-deserved’ and he has also given the “congratulation to one of my favourite poets” he wrote this on his twitter account.

bob-dylan-2His winning the award is greatly appreciated by many popular personalities while there are criticizm too, regarding the award. Sara Danius, who is the permanent Secretary of he swedish Academy, has said that Dylan had been chosen because he was “a very great poet in the english speaking tradition”.

He also says in his interview that he has been reinventing himself, constantly and vcreating a new identity”. This marks his elegance over the time and his perfection ahead of other which made him won this world’s most exceptional award.

The name of Bob Dylan has been in the list for the ptential Nobel Laureates for several years now, but the prize was not even expected by his die hard fans.

Before winning the prize the possibility of Dylan getting the prize was like Trump to become the President of United States. And now the award has become a very intresting story of winning the most unexpected by the most unexpected person till now.

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