BOC: Iru Mugan 7th Day Box Office Collection Total Earnings Report

BOC: Iru Mugan 7th Day Box Office Collection Total Earnings Report

Iru Mugan which is one of the latest movie being directed by Anand Shekhar and is starring an elite actor who is known for his exceptional acting skills and playing many roles at a single time. The duo role which is being played by Vikram ion this movie is having a very amazing and thrilling story, as the movie is based on a science fiction and action thriller genre.

BOC: Iru Mugan 7th Day Box Office Collection Total Earnings Report

The story of the movie revolves around two guys which is being played by Vikram both Protagonist and Antagonist as Akhilan Vinod / Love, while the other leading role in the movie is being done by Nayanthara and Nithya Menon as Meera George (Rosy) as Aayushi, with while Nassar, Thambi Ramaiah, Karunkaran and Riythvika appear in supporting roles. The movie was released on 8th September, 2016 and is releassed as Inkokkadu in Telugu, producer Neelam Krishna Reddy of NKR Films acquired Telugu rights.

The movie got a very amazing and impressive response both by the critics and viewers and the collection of the movie is too impressive and while the soundtracks and songs of the movie is also getting amazing love by the viewers. Vikram who is again in the buzz because of his movie Iru Mugan after a very long time and it is the second biggest opening after Shankar’s I which was released in 2015. The movie is getting as expected love like the last movie ‘I’ which too was a scence fiction movie, the awesome and amazing response on the very first day on the box-office and is getting the same love till now.

The movie is a whole family entertaining movie, while getting a great response from the audience who have watched the movie. The movie has collected 10 crore on the very first two days of the release on the box-office in Tamil Nadu. While the movie was releassed on almost 1000 screens worldwidely and the global collection of the movie is approximately 51.19 crores gross in the opening weekend, including 12.66 crores of Thursday, 10.12 crores of Friday, 13.94 crores of Saturday and 14.47 crores of Sunday.

The movie is stillg going on very amazingly in both the languages and the total  world wide collection of the movie is marking a great success of the movie, the movie has already become a hit in the south cinemas and is still making ways to many theaters and is going to have a very great and expected time coming for making the collection reports better and more impressive. Stay tuned to the news recorder for more latest and recent updates about the movie and collection reports.

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