Bomb threats: Two Air France flights from U.S. to Paris diverted

On Tuesday night, official said that two Air France flights from the United States to Paris were diverted due to bomb threats.

Flight 65, from Los Angeles to Paris, was diverted to Salt Lake City, while Flight 55, from Washington to Paris, was landed at an airport in Halifax, Nova Scotia, due to a bomb threats.

According to the airline and the federal officials, both flights have landed safely, and passengers and crew onboard were removed safely.

Flight 65, an Airbus A-380, was heading from Los Angeles to Paris. According to The Salt Lake Tribune, the plane was carrying nearly 500 people.

Flight 55’s route was from Dulles International Airport outside Washington to Paris. A tweet by the Halifax Airport says that the flight had 262 people aboard.’

Air France, in a brief statement, said that both flights received anonymous threats after their respective take-offs.

Image Source: Triple Three/Wikipedia

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