‘Bones’ Season 12: Upcoming Intense Storyline for Brennan Confirmed By FOX

Bones Season 12 has been confirmed and rumors are that it could not be series swan song because of one of the cast members. Eric Millegan who is playing Zack Addy on the series was the reason behind not pushing the series through.

Bones is an American crime drama television series, based on anthropology and forensic archaeology ,premiered on FOX. Each episode focuses on FBI case associating the mystery behind human remains.In season eleven finale , Booth and Brennan work together to stop the serial killer. After much research,Booth finds out the real identity of the serial killer. In the last episode of season 11, the forensic anthropologist was kidnapped by her former assistant Zack Addy. Season twelve will highlight his role in the serial killer’s story.It will be revealed if he really is involved or a puppeteer.  Bones season 12 will be the final


Bones season 12 will be the final installment of crime procedural drama. FOX has already released its official synopsis. Fans will experience a death, a wedding, epic serial killer storylines and an undercover episode. Dr. Camille and Dr. Arastoo Vaziri will finally tie the knot. However , the death coming in season 12 is not yet disclosed but it seems there will be two or more deaths.

several guest-stars will appear in season 12 including Emmy award winning actors Ed Asner, Hal Holbrook and oscar nominated actress June Squibb.Brennan’s  former love interest Sully will also return to the show. Fans are excited to see Eddie McClintock in season 12.

Bones Season 12 , episode 1, is titled ‘the hope in the horror’. It will premiere in early 2017. Bones Season 12 episode 1 is expected to pick up from where season 11 left off. Brennan’s fate remains uncertain. Addy’s return is going to impact Brennan and Booths’s relationship. Angela and Hodgins will get a happy ending.

Bones-season-new-12And at least two characters will die. It is assured that they will not be series regular.There is no  clear information about the exact air date.The final season will have only 12 episodes.Bones , the long-running comedic procedural, is there for the final farewell 12th season on FOX, as announced by Dana Walden and Gary Newman , chairman, and CEO’s, FOX television group.Some very very serious meaningful things will happen to Dr. Brennan.

Hopefully ‘Bones’ will give long time fans the closure they need.The twelve episode run will bring the storylines of Dr. Brennan , Booth and the Jeffersonian- FBI team to a close. Bones will end with the completion of  246 original episodes and hence making it one of the longest-running FOX series ever. The Stories that began in show’s very first season in 2005 are supposed to be concluded in this final season.

The Stories that began in show’s very first season in 2005 are supposed to be concluded in this final season.

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