Box Office Details: Rajinikanth’s Kabali 26th Day Collection Get Competition From Wagah, Rustom, Mohenjo Daro


One of the biggest blockbuster movie of Bollywood and one of the most record-breaking too. The movie which has done amazing and exceptional in both domestic and overseas business. The movie Kabali which one of the latest movie of Rajinikanth based on the story of an aged gangster.


The movie story is about Kabaleeshwaran aka Kabali which is being played by the superstar Rajinikanth, the movie starts at that point where Kabali gets released from the prison after he was wrongly accused of a massacare happened at an ancient Hindu Temple, which claims so many lives including his wife too. Later, when he comes out of the prison he meets Loga who is a very known drug smuggler too. When he meets Loga, Loga starts insulting his wife and he mistakenly told him that his wife is still alive and is living somewhere in a lost-shelter. The news of Kabali’s release from the prison spreads like a forest-fire and gets to the gang 43 which is one of the biggest rival of Kabali and his gang, they both were having disputes since very long time. Kabali meets so many guys and later succeeded to make Kumaran felt his mistake and become his follower and member too.

Kabali later starts finding his wife Kumudha and on his way he also met her daughter Yogi, who was sent to him for assassination. Yogi later finds the fact that she is Kabali’s daughter by knowing about his past, Yogi and Kabali then becomes one and starts fighting against all odds to find his wife and mother. Kabali later finds her somewhere in Puducherry and they all then comes back to their home and start living a normal life. Kabali’s life becomes much more worse when he confronts with 43 gang and Tony lee who is the leader of the gang. Kabali then later decides to finish Tiny and his partner Veera and the place was a party being thrown by Malaysian Don Ang Lee, who has invited ll gangs including both Kabali and Tony’s. Kabali start shooting at them and finish both of them.

The movie has done an amazing collection and reviews from both critics and Audience is amazing and motivating. Kabali’s total box office collection till now is around 750 crore worldwide. The movie is one of the most blockbuster hit movie till now and ha broked all the records of box-office. The movie is still on the go and is marking it’s success on the sky.

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