Box Office Updates: Sultan 25th Day Collection Salman’s Film Will Earn Rs 600 Cr Very Soon


A movie which is based on the real life events and the sufferings and to stand up from all those hurdles and all those drawbacks and hands who wants to pull you down, true dedication and hard-work always pays the way for every person.


The movie Sultan which is based on the true life events of the world-known wrestler and athlete, who has shown his true worth to the world and to make his country proud. The Sultan Ali Khan, who is a very known person has got his due by having a movie on his name and the lead actor who has played his role also pays his tribute to the great person. Salman Khan who has done an amazing role in the movie has got so much praises and appreciations for his acting in the movie, he has done so much hard-work and workout to look like this famous personality.

The lead actor who has played the role of Sultan’s wife who has also motivate him for again getting into action and to become one of the old Sultan who has won the hearts of many guys. The sultan has never get the appreciation and motivation which he needs to get the heights he want, he always gets struck in the personal and professional problems of his life and most of the times it was the reason he gets held back from his achievements.

The movie has expected so much of love and affection from the audience and they have got what they wanted, the outstanding and amazing love of the viewers and the response which they have get from all over the world is just mind-blowing. The movie on the very first day has collected around 36.54 crore domestically. The movie is still going flawlessly and is still getting enough love to survive on the box-office.

The movie total box-office collections till now is 293.80 crore, the movie is one of the most expected movie of  Salman and has pays his tribute to the most biggest personalty in the sports field and make the others tell about this great personality, Many has got good guidance after watching the movie and the movie has somehow motivated the today’s youth to getup and do something to become bigger in life.

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