Brahamarakshas 8th October 2016 Written Episode Updates Video Zee Tv: Phuli Tells Raina About Big Disaster

In the last episode Yug and Rishab silently followed Ajay. Apu was seen travelling in her car with Rakhi. She tied Rakhi’s hands. Apu asked Rakhi not to create drama. Rakhi opened car door and jumped out. She ran into jungle. Raina called Rishab. Rishab said her that he and Yug following Ajay as he is Brahamarakshas. Rakhi ran into jungle and was shouting for help. Rishab heared her voice and got happy to know that her sister is alive.

BrahamarakshasApu caught Raina just when Rishab was to see her. Apu dragged her to Brahamarakshas mandir and forcefully made her wear bridal dress. She tied her hands. She gave her musical instrument and asked her to play it to call Brahamarakshas. Brahamarakshas walked towards mandir. Yug caught Ajay and pointed gun on him. Raina reached there and saved Ajay. She told Yug that Ajay is not Brahamarakshas. Brahamarakshas walked towards Apu but she pushed Rakhi to Brahamarakshas. Brahamarakshas throwed Rakhi and walked towards Apu. Rishab came there and saved Rakhi.

Apu called Rishab save her. Apu stabbed Brahamarakshas with some special knife and he died. Rakhi dead. Someone captured Brahamarakshas’s spirit in a bottle. Phuli came there and saw the blood on stone. Nalin and Aditya packed Apu’s bags and asked her to get out. Apu blamed Raina that due to her, Rakhi died.  Rishab said that Raina risked her life many times. Mohini dragged Apu out of door.

In today’s episode Apu thinks that if Rakhi was alive then someone has kidnapped her. Phuli tells Raina that about the blood she saw in Brahamarakshas mandir. She says that it is a sign of big disaster.

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