Brahmarakshas 15th October 2016 Written Episode Updates Zee Tv: Goons Beat Yug


In the last episode of Brahamrakshas, we had seen that Raina meets Apu in the jungle and gets shocked to see him. She neglects and then comes back to Rishab. She tells that all to Rishab and Rishab says that we will not help Apu at any cost. They all then gets ready to go to the house. In the house, they all gets shocked to see the renovation work still going on.

BrahmarakshasNalin shouts on the manager and then tells them all that she has to come here. Bua Ji then comes there and scolds them all. She introduces herself to Raina and everyone greets her. She takes them all to her house and welcomes everyone. Mohini also comes there and Bau Ji asks them all to get ready for the rituals.

They all gets ready and Bua Ji asks them for a dance competition. Raina and Rishab get win in that and then Bua Ji ask Raina to make some tasty food. Nalin scolds Mohini and says that I can’t accept Raina as our bahu. Mohini tries to make him understand but then leaves in anger. She comes to Rishab and Raina when they both tells Mohini that they can’t perform this ritual.

Mohini makes them understand and ask to be silent in front of Bua Ji. Then Raina makes the sweet dish and asks Naina to taste. She gets tensed to see the wounds on Naina’s hand but Naina lies to her. Then Raina gets shocked to see Phuli in the kitchen and then Phuli tells her that Apu had takes the book. Aditya tells the man that we have to find Apu.

Later on, Mitali tells Raina that she is going to see the renovation. Yug also goes with her. In the house, Mitali gets shocked to see someone’s shadow and calls for help. In today’s episode we are going to see Yug is getting beaten badly then Apu comes to him and asks him to have money and to help her. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Brahamrakshas like this.

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