Brahmarakshas 1st October 2016 Written Episode Updates Recap: Apu Warns Phuli


In the last episode of Brahmarakshas we saw that Rishabh stabs the Brahamrakshash from behind and from the blow he falls down and they all gets very haooy that he is no more alive and will not going to hurt them at all. Then after hittin him from the dagger he also brungs the petrol from the car and burns the Brahamrakshash and this makes them more satisfied about his death. Now everyone is very happy that the curse is no more and every married couple will stay happy and can enjoy their life. Mohini tells them to get ready for ahead as we are going to celebrate the day, listening to this Mitali and Naina tells Rishabh that Ved will get him ready in her room, as the bride has to get ready for the groom and then they all starts dancing to enjoy the happiness.

BrahmarakshasRishabh Asks her that why she is not happy and acting strange to she remembers all the happenings which he has done to kill Brahamrakshash, he even endangers her life to kill him and getting angry from this she starts paking his bags to go from there.She also thinks that he has married to her just to kill Brahamrakshash and now his idea is fulfilled, so they must not need her anymore or to follow the fake marriage ahead. Raina’s father too comes there and saw his father standing in the Haveli and Mohini says that now they can live with their parents.Naina tells Raina that now

Naina tells Raina that now thay can perform the ring searching ceramony ritual with Rishabh and tells during her time, Raina starts bleeding and seeing this Rishabh gets worried, Raina on this says that its just a mistake. Then suddenly from nowhere a very loud and fearing roar, without making many attention to this Aditya tells that its just an earthquake and ask everyone to go out from the Haveli, then they everyone saw Brahmrakshash there in a fireball and giving warning to take his revenge from all of them. Everone gets very shocked to see Brahmrakshash alive because even after all this he is stil alive and now he is after us all.

In the upcoming episode of Brahmrakshash we are going to see that Phuli shows Brahmrakshash book to Rishabh and Apu too meets Phuli and warns her to keep her mouth shut else they will have to face the worse consequences.

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