Brahmarakshas 20th August 2016 Episode Written Updates Recap Zee Tv: Village Lady Beats Temple Bells


The last episode of Brahmarakshas started with Rakhi come back to home by hiding the bridal’s items given by Varun. Shyam comes back to her and Mohini made her stop. She asks her that where did she go at this time. Rakhi gets tensed and makes excuses. Mohini then says to her Raina will sleep with you  today. Rakhi gets relaxed and calls Varun that everything is fine.


Next morning Raina goes out and sees Naina teasing the girl whom she had saved from the jungle. The villagers then shout about the garland and says that who had removed this. Raina then says them to have patients and she will fix it again. Then Shyam fixes the garland again. Rakhi then says to Rishab that she will not marry Ajay. She enforces Rishabh to talk to mum. Ajay then comes there and felt restless that there is something wrong. He then goes to Raina and says that Rakhi is hiding something from us. Shyam sees some liquor bottle in the store room and then everyone gathers there. Raina says that it may be Rishab’s mistake. Rishab comes there and Raina starts scolding him.

The sangeet ceremony gets started and Rakhi says that she will not sit. Rishabh asks her to sit. Then  Varun comes there and takes Rakhi. Mohini looks at this and gets shocked seeing them both together. She says that it just can’t happen. They all scolds Rakhi. Then Rakhi goes and cries in her room. Raina says to her to have strength. Then Mohini requests to Raina to hide this from Ajay. She says that it will spoil family’s pride. Rishab comes to Raina and says that I will promise that Rakhi will get married to Varun. Then Brahamrakshash in the body of servant tries to enter in the store room but Aditya stops him.

In today’s episode, of Brahamrakshash, we are going to see Rishab’s father gets conscious about the Purnima and says that we have to postpone the marriage. Aditya gets shocked and says that someone had called Brahamrakshas here. Then village lady starts beating the bell and says that the time from the past had returned. It will go to be more thrill and suspense in the episode. Stay tuned for more updates and gossips like this.

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