Brahmarakshas 2nd October 2016 Written Episode Updates Video: Apu Plans To Kill Brahmarakshas


In the last episode of Brhamarakashas, we had seen Phooli telling Raina and Rishab about the secrets of Brhamarakshas and the ways to kill him. Apu is hearing them from outside. Phooli tells Rags and Menka that Brhamarakashas likes to eat a banana a lot. She further tells that in one’s body he entered the person also starts reacting like him and his likes and dislikes also get change. Apu goes to see the family and see Ajay coming there.

BrahmarakshasShe comes to tell the same to Raina and Raina gets glad to know this. She goes to meet Ajay and then complaints him that why he came here again. Ajay says that I am getting worried for you and so that I came here. Rishab gets a doubt on Ajay. Naina comes there and offers an apple to Ajay to eat. Ajay neglect and asks Banana. Rishab mind gets stuck with Phooli’s words and he starts questioning Ajay. Mohini stops Rishab and then ask Ajay about his journey.

Later on, Apu gets tensed and says that I have to find the way to kill Brhamarakashas. She goes to talk to Rishab. Rishab tells her that he gets a doubt on Ajay and had a strong feeling that Brhamarakashas is in Ajay. Raina comes there and they all gets in their room. After that, the house is strangulated by Brhamarakashas and the family members gets shocked. Ajay then comes there and Rishab gets a doubt on him again. Ajay made some excuses and they all gets in their room.

Then Rishab meets Apu and gives her the book. Apu reads it and comes to know that she has to kill one girl who had become a bride and didn’t get in relation with her husband. Apu smirks and says that I have to kill Raina now. Rishab then comes to Raina and says that he has a doubt on Ajay. Raina neglect but says Rishab that I will find the truth. Later on, Rishab asks Raina to go with him to kilL Brhamarakashas. He tells the same to Apu and Apu gets aimed to kill the family to save herself. Now it will be interesting to see what will Apu do next. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Brhamarakashas like this.

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