Brahmarakshas 4th September 2016 Episode: Aparajita Comes To Know Brahmaraksas Still Alive

The going episodes of Brahamrakshas taking many turns and create a great suspense. In the last episode, we had seen Raina tells Phuli about Brahamrakhshas and says that we have to stop Shivam else he will kill everyone. Phuli gets shocked and tells them about Brahamrakshas temple. Raina and Rishab then go to the temple with her. All the family members get tensed for Raina and Rishab and say that we have to find them soon. They all then go to the temple.


Then after Phuli, Rishabh and Raina goes into the temple and Phuli says that Brahamrakshas can only get killed here. She tells that he will only come here when to seeing a bridal. Raina says that I will become the bridal and they starts preparing for getting married. All the family members come there and Nalin gets some infection in his hand. He says that I will not go inside the temple.

Mohini who is really worried for Rishab and Raina says that I will go and get them both here. She goes into the temple and gets shocked seeing them getting ready for marriage. They both tries to explain her their plan but Mohini warns them that she will kill herself if they do anything like that. She then takes them both with her.

Then they both gets into the car and Anil went late there. At home, servants get to know that Anil is the Brahamrakshas by seeing the lotus and garland. They get shocked and calls Aditya. Aditya is about to tell about it to everyone when Brahamrakshas comes out of Anil and they all gets shocked at him. Brahamrakshas then lift the van and it falls down from the cliff. They all gets shocked and Mohini cries badly for Raina and Rishab. Then they hear Raina’s voice and save them both.

In today’s episode we are going to see Nalin makes a plan to get Aparajita to the village so how. Phuli¬†gets Aparajita’s stuff and gives to Raina. Raina wears it. Brahamrakshas seems to be coming. Then Aparajita gets a call and came to know that Brahamrakshas is alive and she has to go to Kamalpura. She gets shocked to hear this. Now it will be interesting to see that did they gets successful to kill Brahamrakshas or not. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Brahamrakshas like this.

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