Zee TV Brahmarakshas 9th October 2016 Written Updates Episode 20: Raina Tells About Apu


In the last episode of Brahmarakshas, we had seen that Rishab is crying and saying to Raina that he had lost his sister and he doesn’t even think that she is alive. Raina consoles him and says that it is not his fault. She says that Apu is really clever and she can trap anyone in her saying. Raina thinks on and then Rishab starts arguing with her. He says to her that why are you caring for me and my sister when you have no link with us.

Apu is in the village and thinks about to do something. She says that I will not leave anyone here I will take my revenge. Then villagers go to Nalin and Aditya and tell about Apu. Nalin and Aditya say the villagers that we should not help Apu at any cost and must throw her out of this village. The villagers agree and go to Apu. In the house, Raina is packing her stuff and removes her mangal sutra. Rishab then comes to her and calls her for pooja.


Raina goes and then see Naina crying. Naina hides her sorrows and goes with Raina to make prasad. The villagers go to Apu and say that you have to leave this house as they can’t bear more pain. Apu gets shocked and thinks on. In the house Raina and Rishab perform all the rituals and Rishab fill Raina’s hairline with sindoor. Raina looks on at him.

They then give blankets to the poor and gets shocked to see Apu there. They then drag Apu out of the house and Apu goes to the forest again. She sits there and thinks about everything. She then gets shocked to hear gorilla’s voice and run. Rishab and Raina are going in their car and then Rishab gets down there. Raina sees Apu there and gets shocked.

In today’s episode, we are going to see Raina tells Rishab that she had seen Apu near the forest and she is pleading for help. Rishab gets fumes at this and says to Raina that we will not save Apu at any cost. Raina looks on. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Brahmarakshas like this.

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