Brahmarakshash Comes in Rishab & Raina’s Wedding! ‘Brahmarakshah’ Serial Latest Written Episode Updates


In the last episode of Brahamrakshash, we tend to saw that Rishabh and Ravina were forced up by the villagers and everybody reaches back haveli. Mohini says Anil was, therefore, intelligent, even then he brought all here and needed to open an edifice here.

Ajay shouts to prevent alleging his male parent. Ved and his fight start`. Rishab intervenes and sends Ved in. Gayatri leaves yelling. He calls his manager and asks him to transfer total from his Mumbai account to UP account. Aditya asks why. Nalin says bank trough is Aparajita’s friend and can inform her, this is often  to decision, Rishab calls Raina and standing on an alternative facet of balcony railing speaks over phone discussing, however, they must get out of the house and kill Brahmarakshas. She speaks loudly.


Raina cries watching her father’s pic in mobile and says she is missing him. She had ice cream, therefore, got raw throat. He asks wherever is she. She says at Kamalpura.

Mohini comes and apologises Gayatri for being rude and says she will be able to perceive what she goes through. Gayatri cries that she couldn’t even see Anil’s body for the last time. Mohini hugs and console her.

Rishab with Raina wordlessly goes to his area and brings discusses arrange the way to lure Brahmarakshas They discuss that Brahmarakshas is scared of water so that they ought to push him in water and throw the web on him. He opens the door. Naina brings food for him and he hugs. She writhes in pain. He asks what happened. She says she out of action her hand while operating.

He asks to require care of her. Rishab laughs and downs lotus garland on her and Rajgira. A romantic song plays on his mobile and he says he failed to play it and his phone changed. She asks to free her 1st. He goes terribly nearer to her and removes lotus and raj Gira. She likes his bit and starts feeling him. He lifts the web from her. She tries to go away. He asks her to possess food, WHO is aware of they’ll become Brahmarakshas’ dinner next. They each begin dinner. He asks if she is prepared for the wedding. She sits wordlessly.

Her director friend informs her Nalin’s account is transferred with cash nearly adequate sale of the haveli. Aparajita calls him and says she is happy that Brahmarakshas is dead and haveli is sold . He says Brahmarakshas remains alive and that they failed to sell haveli, however.

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