Breaking News: Great Grand Masti Censor Board Copy Leaked Online After Udta Punjab

great Grand Masti

Bollywood movies has been doing great work and is following different methods to prove its movies quality and providing the audience with more than just a movie of two hours. Movies usually comes with only single story which starts and ends but sometime the movies has to do more than just a single story and continuing it to many parts or series.

This time it is about the most famous and adult movie Masti series whose first part has been released in April 2003 and become one of the movie which has got lots of love and affection from the audience who watched it. The movie has been gaining popularity since then and the squeals of the movie has been doing more great than the first part itself.

great Grand Masti

The second part Grand Masti has been released in 2013 and become one more hit than the first part and this time the movie is coming with three times the fun and craze than the two before movies. This movie is starring the original three leads who were in the first part. This time the movie is quite more amazing and more funniest then ever because this time they have to face and flirt with a ghost whom they try to meet in village and she keeps them in her house.

The movie is seeming amazing if you have to judge through the trailer. One just cannot deny the attractiveness of the movie trailer and the expectation levels of the movie is far beyond the skies, both by the makers and the waiters of the movie. The movie Great Grand Masti is all about fun but with the twist of unexpectedness.

The movie is all set to release on 22nd of July ans is being excitedly awaited by the on-lookers for the admirers of this series of the movie. Its becoming quite famous that movies has been started  to leak online and mostly the censor board copies have been leaked which raises serious questions against the censor board.

The movie has been available on many websites for online download and can be easily downloaded by a anyone. The makers of the movie are very much annoyed and shocked after listening and getting this news. They have warned the culprits for their doing to this movie. They have also given warning of taking legal steps against this incident.

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