Brie Larson All Set To Make His Directorial Debut With ‘Unicorn Store’ An Indie Comedy

Brie Larson

World is known for doing progress and do what other think might be impossible for you, this is what happened in case of Brie Larson, who is known for winning an Oscar and becoming an Indie darling, but that’s not enough she even after signing up to play as ‘Captain Marvel’.

She doesn’t consider it as enough and set his chair to become a director and start trying er fate and destiny in this field too. She is giving everything a good shot to show his fate’s worth and to get what she has decided to achieve after getting sky high fame. Brie Larson who has recently won the Oscar for her movie “Room”. The actresses who has got his success and the bloom which a flower need, after show has played the Indie darling to become a biggest superhero or superstar ‘Captain Marvel’. She might be looking bored to continue this same thing and to get his actions and talents beyond the camera to test his fate.

Brie Larson

The generous and amazing actor is trying her best to make his upcoming movie as debuting director in “Unicorn store”, but that’s not enough she is also playing her role in the movie too and to make it more worthy she is also producing the movie. A movie which is based on the Samantha Mclntre’s screenplay which is originally named as ‘Unicorn Store’.

The movie features a women whose name is Kit as the lead role in the movie and it is expected that the role is going to be played by Larson itself. The movie is looking quite amazing as it is related to the unique and un-imaginable world and this is one of the most fascinating thing in the world, which is most trending too.

The story too shows a story which have parents love and affection and to get out back the journey of a girl, who finds and gets a mysterious invitation to a store which will going to give her ideas wings to fly across the world and have the time of life.

The project was first given a thought by reben Wilson vehicle to be directed by the well known bad guy helmer Miguel arteta, but the conflicts never gets ended and the movie never gets the chance to start, but then when they finally met Larson who has recently won Oscar earlier this year, this gives their ideas a launch to have it on field.

This might be the Larson’s first ever adventure on the Director’s seat but she’s certainly no stranger to this seat and never will feel the same.

Brie has already co-directed and co-wrote the short movie ‘the Árm’, in which she has worked with the fellow actor Jennis Ennis and Sarah Ramos. The movie went to win the special jury prize at sundance in 2008.

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