British Astronaut Sets Off-World Marathon Record in Space

British Astronaut

Running a marathon is always a challenge, and it demands huge amount of hard work and determination.

But now, a 44-year-old British astronaut named Tim Peake has completed the 2016 London Marathon on Sunday, April 24, 2016, that too from the microgravity treadmill aboard the International Space Station. 

Peake finished the 26.2 miles in three hours, thirty-five minutes and twenty-one seconds which marked the fastest marathon completed in space.

Tim Peake, like all other runners, started this high test of endurance at 09.00 AM GMT.

Peake was also the official starter of the race, and a video message from the International Space Station was played at the starting line.

In the video message, Peake told that he is quite excited to be the part of this marathon race along with the runners from the earth. The astronaut also wished Good Luck to everyone who participated in the contest.

The famous London Marathon runs around the river Thames. Peake has taken part in the race on 1999, and then, he completed the test in three hours and eighteen minutes.

After finishing the race, the astronaut wrote in his blog that the run went smooth, and the only problem he faced was a pain in shoulders.

To avoid the pain, he finished the race quickly, and thus a record was created in space. Peake also added that at one point in time, he ran 16 kilometers per hour.

Tim Peake also stated that he watched the marathon on BBC, which gave him extra encouragement during the race.

He made it clear that watching more than 30000 people running in the event enhanced his morale to a great extent.

This is the second time that an astronaut is completing marathon from the orbit. Earlier in 2007, Sunitha Williams finished the Boston Marathon in four hours and twenty-three minutes.

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