Bryce Harper Gets Married In San Diego With Kayla Varner

Bryce Harper Gets Married In San Diego With Kayla Varner

Here is a big update about the Washington’s National slugger Bryce Harper is now tied the knot with Kayla Varner. Yes, the news came in front when Harper posted a picture with Kayla Varner from his twitter account. According to the sources, they both had to get married on 17th December 2016. Sources had also told that Bryce Harper had married to his fiancee Kayla at the Mormon Temple in San Diego.

As Non-Mormon’s was not allowed in the temple hence the gathering at the marriage place was not much. The teammates of Bryce Harper, Jayson Werth, and Trea Turner was captured at the marriage place. The very famous Nats GM Mike Rizzo also captured at the marriage of Harper. The news had become a big surprise for Harper lovers and followers.

Before this, Harper had announced his engagement in the summers and give a great gift to his followers. This two love birds are under the vision and was in the limelight that when they will going to tie the knot. The lovely couple became one now and surprise everyone. Many celebrities and follower of Harper had wished him for his special moment of life.

The point of sadness was that there is no such information and more pics of their marriage. The update had come in front when Harper himself tweeted his pic with Harper. In the pic, Harper and Kayla are kissing and Kayla is in the bridal outfit. The couple is looking amazing together and give a great surprise to their fans. Before this, Harper had notified himself busy and says that he will be unable to attend the appreciation event which was held in Washington.

Now the love birds had made a promise to each other for life and their followers had wished them great happiness. Stay tuned with us for more updates and crispy gossips like this.

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