Budhia Singh: Born To Run 5th Day Collection Manoj Bajpayee’s Movie Earnings On Box Office

Budhia Singh: Born To Run

A movie which is considered to be the one of the most motivational movie till now, the movie Budhia Singh: Born To Run is one of it’s kind movie. The movie is based on a kid who is just 12 years old and has brocked many records till now, a kid who is born in Odisha and is an Indian origin child. This extra-ordinary kid who is known for his exceptional stamina and determined dedication towards his hard-work. He is one of the world’s youngest marathon runner, his very first marathon start at the early age of 4 and he ran almost 65 km. from Puri to Bhubaneshwar covering almost 65 kms, which is just next to impossible to even an adult guy. This record breaking and enormous performance has made this little guy so much famous that his story has been given as national award and the story is now on the screens to give the due credit to the kid which he has missed because of staying unfamous for so long.

Budhia Singh: Born To Run

The film is about his hard-work and his dedication to his passion for running and all that what comes with it, he has run almost 48 marathons just at the age of 5. The movie which is going to have this story is Budhia Singh: Born To run, which has already been released last Friday and done an amazing work on the box-office. The movie is starring Manoj Bajpayee who is playing a very crucial and important role in the movie, he is playing the role of the coach of Budhia Singh and also the care taker too.

The actor who is playing the role of Budhia is quite interesting and impressive personality, in real life too, the role is being played by MAyur Patole, the movie was earlier titled as Duronto, but due to some un-official reasons the name of the movie changed. The director of the movie has auditioned almost 1200 kids for the role of Budhia singh and then later has selected Mayur for the role, he has taken audition from almost 6 states including ODisha, Chattisgarh, Pune, Delhi, and Mumbai and then the sight of Soumendra catch this extra-ordinary kid. The trailr of the movie has already made so many guys crazy for the movie and to those guys who are seriously in love with sports are in love with every single moment of the movie.

The movie is released on 5th August and has done good collection till now. The movie is considered and is seriously recommended by those who have already watched the movie. The total collection of the movie till now is given below. –
Budhia Singh Movie 1st Day Box Office Collection – 1 to 1.25 crores*

Budhia Singh – Born to Run 2nd Day Collection – 1.50 crores,

Budhia Singh – Born to Run 3rd Day Business Report – 2.10 crores,

Budhia Singh Movie 1st Weekend Report – 4.60 crores,

Budhia Singh Movie First Week Box Office Collection – 7 crores.

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