California Family’s Legal Fight Continues Over 6-Year Old Native American Girl

Photo Credit: Save Lexi Facebook

Summer Page and Rusty Page of Santa Clarita on Tuesday filed an appeal Tuesday with the California court to allow the couple to keep a 6-year-old part-Native American girl, who they fostered for four years.

Lexi was taken from her foster parents because she has a tiny sliver of Native American heritage.

Rusty and Summer Page have been fight a long legal battle to get Lexi back. They are being supported by thousands of locals.

Lexi is 1/64th Choctaw Native American. The California’s Second District Court of Appeals ruled that she would be placed with relatives in Utah in accordance with the Indian Child Welfare Act of 1978, which requires children of Native American heritage to be placed with Native American tribes and their members, NBC News reported.

In a request filed with California’s Second District Court of Appeals, the Page family wants the decision to be reversed and they are allowed to take Lexi back. She was taken from their home by the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services (LA DCFS).

The Choctaw Nation is opposing the Page’s request.

In a statement, the Choctaw Nation said: “We appreciate the concern for Lexi and want to assure everyone she is in a safe, loving home with her relatives and her biological sisters. We, as a tribe, are required to follow federal law. The foster family filed appeals three times to keep Lexi, delaying the reuniting of Lexi with her relatives.”

In response, the Pages family said that they are Lexi’s family and they are not against the Native American community, or the Choctaw Community, or Lexi’s extended family, biological or otherwise.

“This is not a fight against the Native American community, or the Choctaw Community, or Lexi’s extended family, biological or otherwise,” the Pages said. “This is about justice for a 6 year old child who, against her wishes, was heartlessly ripped from her dad’s arms by people paid by our tax dollars.”

It seems that the Pages family is gaining a lot of support from family and public. On Go Fund Me, the family so far raised $28,465 of a $40k.

Here is Facebook, Bring Lexi Home, to learn more about their fight for Lexi.

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