Canadian Hostage John Ridsdel killed in Philippines

Canadian Hostage John Ridsdel killed i

Another dreaded act from Islamic extremists has now shaken the humanity, as Abu Sayyaf, a terrorist group based out in the Philippines has beheaded John Ridsdel, a Canadian hostage on April 25, 2016.

Terrorists captured John on last September along with three others, and now by beheading him, the group have proved that they are a real threat to humankind who believe in love and brotherhood. He was aged 68.

According to friends and close ones of John, he was such a generous person who used to talk gently with everyone. Ridsdel used to approach everyone with enthusiasm, and everyone loved him a lot due to this nature.

Bob Rae, John’s close friend, told that lots of effort were made to release him, but all the attempts went in vain, as the amount they demanded was so high.

Ridsdel’s family in a statement issued told that John has loved life and lived it to the fullest with his family and friends at the center. The report added that their family was devastated due to this death, and his life was cut short by the senseless act of violence by these extremists.

Rae, an Ex-Canadian Member of Parliament, remembered John as a critical and engaging guy. According to Rae, John’s enthusiasm as a journalist has surprised him many times. Ridsdel has previously worked in The Calgary Herald and CBC, and his efforts during the time span were praised to a great extent by both public and officials.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called this killing as a cold-blooded murder, and he added that the whole responsibility lies on the shoulders of the terrorist organization. He also conveyed his condolences towards the family members of John.

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