Cancer Is Not A Disease, It’s Just Deficiency Of Vitamin B17

cancer cells

Cancer, the word is sprouting as the biggest invasive over hopes and strength. People says it’s nothing complex to understand as it is just the unwanted growth of body cells. But some details also reveals that it’s nothing complex and complicated, it is juts deficiency of Vitamin B17.

Today here in this article I will make you stand in front of reality, Cancer a disease or a fear created to monetize emotions. Some doctors and World manipulators will get annoyed after this article but as according to my knowledge my correct with each and every line. Medical instructors ask to have Chemotherapy, Surgical Operations for Cancer but when we will think logically our body just needs Vitamin B17 to fight against this deadly disease. The statement stands correct can Cancer causes death but this doesn’t make any sense that people will manipulate you for this and will make money out of your fear of life and death.


The Past also states that many made money with such fear of diseases like there were a large number of Seamen lost their lives due to the disease named ‘Scurvy’. With the hype of this disease, people gained a fear of losing their lives and many monetized this fear. Later the truth got revealed that there was nothing to get panic about it as it was just the deficiency of Vitamin C. This states that Scurvy wasn’t any disease or illness rather it was the scarcity of some essential components of nutrition.

People made the gravity of Cancer is a life snatching disease and made billions of money. Cancer can be cured and prevented by some simple steps without any stress of losing your life.

A person who is having Cancer should know about Cancer and also that there is nothing to get panic about it. As Cancer is just the deficiency of Vitamin B17 thus eating of some stuff rich in Vitamin B17 will help one coming out of Cancer.

Some food stuff which will help you in coming out of Cancer are like Apricot Stone (15-20 pieces/day), Wheat Bud (Wheat Sprouts) this all will help you in gaining Amygdalin or Vitamin B17.


Wheat Bud is considered as the best supplement for a Cancer body as it is rich in liquid Oxygen and is also considered as strongest anti-cancer matter named ‘Laetrile’. The component is present in fruit stone of apple which is an extracted form of Vitamin B17 i.e. Amygdalin.

With a rich supply of Amygdalin, one can come out of Cancer, some of the food items containing Vitamin B17 are listed below.

* The fruit stone or seed of fruits as it is a natural carrier of Vitamin B17 in it. You can choose fruits like apple, apricot, peach and prune.

* Common beans, corns, lentil sprout(lentil bud) Lima (Lima beans) and pea.

* Mulberries are also a rich source of Vitamin B17. One can have a regular diet of all Mulberries like Black Mulberry, Blueberry, Raspberry and strawberry.

* Seeds (Grains): Sesame and linseed (Seed of Linen/Flax seed)

* Sweetmeat pumpkin, brewer’s yeast and Rough Rice (Paddy) are also beneficial for a Cancer affected person.

Now let’s talk a little about how cancer enters a body ? So the answer also lies near us. Dishwashing liquids and hand washing liquids are one of main cancer causing things which need to be restricted. One will say that we do not eat these all but its components enter in our body from our Kitchen and Restroom. The liquid gets absorbed by the place and doesn’t leave it and when hot food gets served in that place the food turned in a food mixed with dishwashing liquid. So in this way, these all enters in our body and makes us Cancer affected. And with this people are making money with the fear of life.

We advise our readers to spread this knowledge among your known ones so that people won’t get manipulated by fear of Cancer and can choose the right way to come out of it.

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