Celebrate ‘National Noodles Day’: Know The Actual History & Significance Behind This Day!


The National Noodle Day which is celebrated each year on October 6. The noodles are of different kinds or different qualities. The Noodle is derived from the German word “nudel”.

These are made by rolling unleavened dough out and cutting into a different variety of shapes. By coming in the variety of forms,names and textures flat noodles are seemed to be most common noodles. According to different types of meals and dishes, they made by adding different sauces pair differently made. It is found in all regions of all over the world that is made from a variety of flours. We find a wide assortment of noodles in yams, root vegetable, potatoes, Asian cuisine, beans, wheat and buckwheat.

national-noodle-dayThe pasta is made from durum or semolina flour by the Europeans, though potato noodles are also enjoyed as well as. Archaeologists along with the yellow river in China in 2002 found that the earthenware bowl which contains some 4000 years old noodles which are well preserved. we can make national Noddle day by a favorite bowl of noodle and post it on social media.

It is unable to find who is the creator of National noddle Day. There are over 1200 national days. don’t even miss a single one enjoy! every national day with calendar wise. Every national Day has a story so celebrate the stories as well as the day. So have warm wishes for Noddle Day celebrate it #StayTunned.

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