Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 22nd June 2016: Sushim’s Mentor Was Found Died Hung With A Rope On Neck

chakravartin ashoka samrat

Kaurvaki met Chanda and thanked her. Chanda said that there is no need to say thanks I can still remember the moments of childhood when you used to come to my home. She said to Kauravki that I know you loves Ashoka and is following him. Chanda said that I will not come in between as my family wants me to marry Sushim so I won’t come in between you and Ashoka.

Also we saw that Chanda was about to fall but Sushim saved her and they both talked to each other. Chanda thanked Sushim and gave him a gift which was like a carpet. While on the other hand when Chanda and Kaurvaki was talking Vit and Devi was listening to them and they decides to make Kaurvaki and Ashoka meet as Kaurvaki recognized Ashoka but he is still unaware about Kaurvaki and she wants to tell him by herself.

Vit and Devi decides something and when Chanda and Kaurvaki comes in his room to ask about the room for them. Vit sent Kaurvaki in Ashoka’s room where Ashoka was sitting. They both argued for the room and they both were saying that I will stay in this room. Dharma came there and Kaurvaki hides herself behind Ashoka. Dharma moved from there and Kaurvaki came out and then again they started fighting. In anger Kaurvaki decides to leave the palace.

chakravartin ashoka samrat

In today’s episode of Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat we will see that Ashoka will proclaim to Acharya Ji, that he has left ant stone unturned in bringing equality and justice to the people of Pataliputra. He also added tahta even Sushim’s supernatural power will also be unable to stand against his will power and determination.

After that they all will be found shocked and they all will move out in public courtyard. There they will find Sushim’s mentor body and that will be hung from a rope, with a noose around the neck. They all will be horrified including Mahamatya, while Sushim is aghast. Stay tuned with us for more updates on Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat and others.

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