Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat: Ashoka Kill Siamak 21st September 2016 Online Episode

The last Chakarvartin Ashok we had seen Antiochus threatening Lasendra. On the other side, Siamak had hanged Sushim and is about to kill him with his sword. Sushim asks him to listen to him for once. On the battleground, Acharya RG gets surprised seeing Ashoka alive. Ashoka gets down from the horse and says to his army to have the courage and to fight with the wrong now. He then encourages his warriors and heads towards the palace.

ashokaSiamak gets shocked hearing the army man’s voice and turns to see. Sushim then asks him to free him as he can help him. Siamak refuses and says that I will not gonna free you as you can cheat me. After that, he goes out and gets shocked seeing Ashoka coming forward to the palace.

Antiochus faces him in the war but then gets defeated. He pleaded to Ashoka to let him go but Ashoka signs Lasendra to come forward and kill him. Lasendra then kills him and Siamak gets shocked. He then recalls all the incidence and says that it is all  Ashoka’s plan then.

Kaurvaki is in the den and recalling Ashoka. She then says that now he is married to someone and I can’t go out to him. She then says that I have a strong believe that Ashoka will come here to save me. Ashoka goes inside the palace and follows Saimak. He then sees a secret passage and gets inside it. His leg gets trapped and Siamak comes out. Siamak says that I will now take a revenge of my mother’s death. He starts beating Ashoka brutally with a chain and Ashoka seems to be helpless.

In today’s episode, we are going to see that Ashoka kills Siamak. He then recalls everything that how Siamak killed his mother and steals his love. Now it will be able to search Kaurvaki or not. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Ashoka like this.

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