Chandra Nandini 9th May 2017 Written Updates: Vishakha aims to kill Chandra!

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Chandra Nandini 9th May 2017 Written Updates: Vishakha aims to kill Chandra!

In the last episode of Chandra Nandini, we had seen that Chanakya was taken to Padmanand and Padmanand tells him that he wants to dethrone Chandra and wants his help in that. Chanaka thinks on and says that he also wants to take his revenge and gets ready to help them. He then leaves with the soldiers and looks on. Mora on the other side tells Chandra that she have to do the charity for Bindusara and Chandra says that he will do the arrangements.

Nandini thinks on when she saw Vishakha playing with Bindusara. She asks Vishakha that where was she at night and makes some excuses. Just then Chandra comes there and asks Nandini to make Bindusara ready soon for the rituals. Nandini agrees and Vishakha gives Bindusara to Nandini. She leaves and Nandini stops Chandra. She tells him about her doubt on Vishakha. Chandra scolds Nandini back and says that she must think about herself and not to blame other.

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Nandini says that Vishakha might become to take over her place. Later the rituals get started and Helina sits taking Bindusara. Nandini looks at all that from far and gets happy to see Bindusara. Later Vishakha comes there and gets her ornaments. She was about to give that but Chandra holds her hands and says that she should not do that. Nandini sees all that from far and gets irked by that.

In today’s episode of Chandra Nandini, we are going to see that Nandini will try to find out the truth of Vishakha. Chandra will ask Nandini that where she had been for some days. Later Chandra will announce his marriage with Vishakha which will actually let everyone in shock. Nandini will try to stop that all but become helpless. Vishakha on the other side will inhale poison and thinks that she will kill Chandra now. Stay tuned with us for more interesting updates and recent gossips of Chandra Nandini like this.

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