Chandra Nandni 17th October 2016 Written Episode Updates: Chandra Fights With Soldiers

Chandra Nandni

In the last episode of Chandra Nandini, we had seen that Chandra come to the Patliputra and Nora feels Chandra’s presence and says that I can feel you are here. She then says that today is the night when you born and today is the day when you come to me and save me. She says that I know you will surely come. Chandra says to himself that why I am feeling so occurred. Chanakya reaches to Patliputra and says that I am here again where I born.

Chandra NandniHe then calls his friend who works for Padmanand. He says that Padmanand had offered me to be his obedient but I neglect because I want to do something for my motherland and to save my motherland from the enemies. His friend says that I will give you the permission letter but you have to make sure that Padmanad hates a saint. Then Padmanand goes to Mora and shows her some clothes and jewellery. He says that you will get all the things if you come to me and become my queen.

Mora throws the cloth on him that you should hide your wounds with these clothes which ,y husband give you. She says that this will help you to hide your sins from your daughter. Padmanand gets angry and says to the soldiers to take and beat her. Nora warns Padmanad that my son will come to take revenge from you. Padmanand looks on at this. The soldiers are beating the people for gold and Chandra gets worried to see all this. Then the guards take Mora there and people starts beating her.

Chandra saves her and defends her. Mora looks on at Chandra. Then Padmavati comes there and Chandra looks on at her. Chandra and Chanakya then go to get an entry in the palace. The guards stop Chandra and Chandra shows them the coin. Chanakya saw his bravery and says that this boy has something in him. In the palace, Padmanand asks the villagers to give gold. Padmanand then asks Chandra that from where you get this coin. Chandra tells him. He then says that you dynasty is behaving rudely with the people.

Padmanad says that it’s my dynasty and I am the ruler. He then says that I will do the things as I want. Chandra argues with him and then challenges Padmanand that if your soldiers catch me then the people here will give you double money but if they not then you have to return this. Padmanand agrees and Chandra wins. Chanakya gets impressed by his bravery.

Next day Chanakya come to tell his plan to Padmanand. Padmanand insulted Chanakya and ¬†Chanakya warns him that you will be killed by me one day. He leaves and goes to a forest. He then gets scared to see a creature in front of her and then Chandra come there. He saves him and Chanakya looks on at him. In today’s episode, we are going to see Chandra fights with the goons. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Chandra Nandini like this.

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